Los Angeles Customs Brokerage Account Set Up




Required Startup Documents:

Power of Attorney

Non Resident Certification (Canadian or Mexican firms only)

Power of Attorney Verification Checklist

Credit Application 

Terms and Conditions

Optional Forms

Bond Application

Signed Contract or Rate Sheet

Parts Number Upload Sheet

Periodic Monthly Statement Application

ACH Debit Application

Query Customer IRS Number

Verify address with customer. 

If correct, complete Power of Attorney using exact address as Customs query, leaving signature field open and have customer arrange signature.

If not correct, check address onCorporation Information Link by State and Province

Verify this address with the customer.  If they agree with the address, confirm Officer Name who will sign the Power of Attorney.   

Check to make sure signing officer or business is not named as a sanctioned or restricted person by the US Government,Bureau of Industry Security Website

Complete the Power of Attorney accordingly.  Send to customer and request signature. If possible complete Power of Attorney while in communication with customer or have them complete our form while we speak with them.

Electronic or scanned signature can be accepted to initiate business, but we must receive original power of attorney with ink signature within 7 days of first release.